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    Group profile

    CHINA GUOTAI FIRE FIGHTING GROUP HOLDINGS LINITED was founded in 1999. It is a comprehensive service provider of China's emergency safety industry with fire protection as the core. It is one of the top 10 enterprises in the fire equipment manufacturing industry, one of the top ten national enterprises in the national fire protection industry, a designated production enterprise of the National Civil Air Defense Office, and a national laboratory unit of fire protection products. It has the engineering design, construction and emergency of fire protection facilities issued by the Ministry of housing and urban rural development of the people's Republic of China National first-class qualification for maintenance, testing and evaluation of fire-fighting facilities issued by the management department. The group has more than 3000 employees, and has nearly 200000 square meters of scientific research, production base and office building.

    CHINA GUOTAI FIRE FIGHTING GROUP HOLDINGS LINITEDheadquarters is located in Nanjing Software Valley, China. It has global brand center, technology research and development center, engineering operation and maintenance center, intelligent IOT center, marketing management center, investment management center, concept experience center and Cathay Pacific University. It is the management center for Cathay Pacific to implement China strategy and accelerate the pace of brand internationalization.

    Organizational structure

    President delivered a speech

    When Guo Tai was founded in 1999, it started with a dozen employees and a simple goal. Over the past 20 years, my team and I have tried our best to produce the best products, turn our customers'dreams into reality, and, most importantly, establish lasting cooperation and friendship. So far, our success lies in the core values: teamwork and dedication. In the future, we will make full use of the enviable development opportunities brought by the national "one belt and one way" strategy, while fulfilling our corporate citizenship responsibilities, and create a comprehensive service provider for China's security industry to fulfill our commitments for customers, employees and shareholders. I hope you will join me in witnessing the exciting future of Guo Tai.

    President's letter of commitment
    guotai honor
    guotai inspector

    Letter of Partnership of GUOTAI FIRE FIGHTING GROUP

    In order to better implement Guo Tai Fire Fighting Group service to partners at all levels, it is responsible to do the work entrusted to Guo Tai by customers at all levels, and to facilitate customers at all levels to supervise the company's service standards and feedback various needs and opinions. After consulting with senior leaders of the group and making a consensus decision, we set up a supervisory committee of Guo Tai Fire Fighting Group to supervise the service work of Guo Tai employees at all levels to our customers, so as to make Guo Tai service visualized, high-quality, customized and comprehensive, so as to better build the best spiritual bridge for Guo Tai Fire Fighting Group to communicate with customers in a straight line.

    Guo Tai Fire Fighting Group Supervisory Committee Monitoring Telephone: 13301581667

    苏ICP备05040014号-4 Copyright ? 2014 Nanjing Guo Tai Fire Protection Group Co., Ltd.

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