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    He Guotai engineering and Biguiyuan group become excellent partners

    Upload time:2021/5/8 10:41:59         Number of visits:337

    Recently, Luohe branch of Jiangsu Guotai Fire Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. received the plaque of "excellent cooperative unit" from country garden group, and both sides officially became excellent cooperative partners. Cathay Pacific Engineering has been cooperating with Country Garden real estate for many years. It has always attached great importance to the strategic cooperative relationship with Country Garden real estate. It takes good faith as the cornerstone of cooperation between the two sides, and cooperates with the smooth development and completion of the project in terms of excellent quality, punctual schedule, active service and positive work, which has won the unanimous praise of the leaders of country garden group. Cathay Pacific Engineering has become an excellent partner of country garden group, which proves that the two sides are not only a supply relationship, but also a "good partner" with tacit understanding and the same value, laying a foundation for the two sides to move towards a more long-term strategic cooperation.


    Founded in 1992, country garden group was listed on the main board of the stock exchange of Hong Kong in 2007. It is one of the world's top 500 and China's top 3 real estate companies; Since its establishment 26 years ago, the company has settled in more than 700 cities and towns nationwide, has more than 2000 projects, and serves more than 3 million owners. It is the largest new urbanization residential developer in China. Country garden adopts a centralized and standardized operation mode. Its business includes property development, construction and installation, decoration, property management, property investment, hotel development and management, as well as modern agriculture and robotics; Country garden provides diversified products to meet the needs of different markets.

    To become an "excellent partner" with country garden this time is the most important affirmation of Cathay Pacific's efforts and achievements. After years of stable development, the scale of Cathay Pacific continues to expand, business management capabilities continue to improve, and timely delivery, stable quality, thoughtful service, to win a good reputation of customers and market affirmation. Integrity, mutual trust and communication are the basic principles of cooperation. Based on this principle, the company will establish long-term and stable strategic cooperative relationship with customers. In the future, Cathay Pacific will continue to uphold the business philosophy of "serving the society and benefiting mankind", continue to work hand in hand with customers to achieve a win-win situation with first-class management, first-class service and continuous innovation.

    苏ICP备05040014号-4 Copyright ? 2014 Nanjing Guo Tai Fire Protection Group Co., Ltd.

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