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    guotai culture

    Corporate cultureGuo Tai Vision: Serving Society and Benefiting Humanity
    Guo Tai Aim: Creating a World Creation Center with Product Creativity as the Core
    Brand Idea: Professional Casts Quality, Honesty Achieves Brilliance
    Management Idea: Creating First-class Enterprises with First-class Talents
    Build a first-class brand with first-class products

    Our ValuesCustomer orientation, honest operation, pursuit of excellence and abiding by commitments
    In the hearts of customers, employees and shareholders, we are all very good.

    AchievementYour potential is our driving force
    From excellence to excellence, we work with you to create business value for safety in the fierce and changeable market.

    Prospect - Brand sailing, management escortIf you have the grate aspiration,you can write a New Genealogy at the Flourishing Age.

    Employee life

    guotai publication

    Talent Recruitment

    Sales Manager (Fire Industry)

    • Department:Sales Department
    • Sex:Unlimited
    • Recruitment:1 person
    • Age:Below 55
    • Hands-on background:More than 2 years
    • Education:College or above
    • Date of publication:2018-05-21
    • Closing date:2018-12-21
    • Job responsibilities

      1. The development and management of agents for fire protection products in the responsible area of the company;

      2. Development and sale of fire protection products to customers in the responsible area.

      Recruitment Requirements

      1. Men and women are not limited. College degree or above is preferred.

      2. More than two years'experience in sales of fire products or related products;

      3. Love sales work, good character, good at learning, strong communication skills.

      Apply Online

      Note: Resume can be sent to:gtxfhr@163.com

    苏ICP备05040014号-4 Copyright ? 2014 Nanjing Guo Tai Fire Protection Group Co., Ltd.

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